Gone Girl

February 14, 2018

We're celebrating this Valentines Day with Gone Girl; the story of a crumbling marriage, murder, and the impossibility of truely knowing your partner! The novel was written and adapted for the screen by Gillian Flynn and the film adaptation was directed by David Fincher.


The Glass Castle

January 31, 2018

In this episode, Adina and I recount the tales of a less than coneventional childhood from the memoir The Glass Castle, by Jeanette Walls, and the film adaptation directed by Destin Daniel Cretton. We also dive deeper into the challenges of non-fiction adaptation, and question what responsibilities the filmmakers have to the real life people.


After Credits: Best of 2017

January 24, 2018

In our first episode of After Credits, we discuss some of our favorite books and movies of 2017 (adaptations or not). Also, we begin our recurring segment where we compete to accuretley guess the Rotten Tomatoes score of upcoming movies! Join our Patreon now to have access to all future episodes!



A Monster Calls

January 17, 2018

In the "I'm not crying you're crying" adaptation of the year, we discuss A Monster Calls, written by Patrick Ness with the movie being directed by J.A. Bayona. We'll break down the story and all of its feels, but don't worry, there's also a huge CGI tree monster.



January 3, 2018

In this episode we cover our first return author Neil Gaiman and his novel Stardust, which was adapted for the big screen in 2007 by Matthew Vaughn. But can any movie compare to the silky smooth voice of Neil Gaiman in audiobook form? Listen and find out!


Christmas with the Kranks

December 12, 2017

Happy Holidays! We decided to treat ourselves by reading and watching the biggest pile of Christmas trash around: Christmas with the Kranks! Directed by Tim Roth and based on the John Grisham novel Skipping Christmas (Yeah, THAT John Grisham). Get cozy by the fire and listen to us rage against this Christmas adaptation!



November 29, 2017

This episode we discover why we'll never hike the Pacific Crest Trail as we talk about Wild, the memoir by Cheryl Strayed and the 2014 film adaptation directed by Jean-Marc Vallee. Put on your hiking boots because we explore the themes of the book and the challenges of adapting non-fiction.


Slumdog Millionaire

November 15, 2017

In this episode we break down Slumdog Millionaire, the 2009 Best picture winner, and the novel the inspired it, Q&A! We'll walk the tight rope of discussing the slight, yet important differences between these two tales, including how the murder crazed protaganist of the novel became the subdued lead of the film.


J.D. Barker Interview

November 1, 2017

On this special episode we sit down with J.D. Barker, author of Forsaken, The Fourth Monkey, and the upcoming Dracula prequel Dracul. J.D. tells us what it's like to sell your adaptation rights along with his writing method, how Stephen King let him borrow a character for Forsaken, and how he even solved a real-life murder.

Follow J.D. on twitter or stay up to date with his projects on his website jdbarker.com


Inherent Vice

October 18, 2017

Things get far-out this episode when we explore the drug-fueled, paranoid detective mystery of Inherent Vice. We'll try to figure out what happened in this Thomas Pynchon novel and the equally strange PT Anderson adaptation.